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baking memories one bite at a time

What is a Cake Pop?
Deconstruct a cake, you have cake, frosting and decorations. What happens when you throw all of it together in a bowl and mix? A Cake Pop is born! Moist cake and delicious frosting are mixed together and formed into any shape you can think of. It is then dipped into smooth, creamy candy coating and decorated any way you like. Your imagination are the only limits when it comes to Cake Pops!

How big is a Cake Pop?
A standard Cake Pop is approximately an inch and a half in circumference. A shaped pop uses the same amount of filling but the size varies by design. A Cake Pop can be eaten in two to three bites.

How many Cake Pops should I order?
A good rule of thumb to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth is 2-3 pops per person.

Do you have a minimum number of Pops for orders?
Our minimum order is two dozen Pops. If you need less email us, we may be able to accommodate, but believe us once you try one you will be wishing you got more.

When should I order?
Because each cake pop is hand dipped, decorated and wrapped, we request that you place your order at least 2 weeks prior to delivery date. 

How do I store my Cake Pops?
Cake Pops do not need to be refrigerated but do need to be kept away from heat, as they will melt. Refrigerating them will cause condensation and will make the candy coating sweat when taken out of the fridge. Cake Pops will remain fresh 7 to 10 days.

Do you have a storefront?
Not yet! Right now we are a fully licensed home based business with big dreams!

Are you a nut free bakery?
No, we do try to make a reasonable effort to make sure our products don't come in contact with possible allergens, but there is a possibility of coming in contact with nuts, eggs, wheat, soy, dairy and other popular allergens. Please inform us of any possible allergies.

Do you have gluten free or vegan options?
We're working on recipes right now and hope to offer these options in the very near future.

Can you decorate with licensed characters?

Due to copyrights, we cannot use registered, licensed characters. The licensed character cakes on this site were not done for paying customers. If you are interested in a design that includes a licensed character we can make  your desert in all details except the character. We can give you options on how to insert the character into your design that do not break any copyright laws.